What devices do you support?

What devices do you support?

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Currently, we support laptops (PC and Mac) only. We can’t connect a tablet or phone to our system. If you plan to have a digital presentation, make sure you can run it from a laptop.

  • If you have any Videos for the screens, you must be able to give us HDMI signal. (Not VGA, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, etc.).
  • If you have Audio Only on a computer, smartphone, tablet, other devices, we can work with 3.5mm headphone jack.
    • If you have the new Apple phones or computers with no headphone jack… Bring that adapter, please!

The ABC A/V Team does our best to assist panel hosts before each panel to set up with sound and video when needed. This advice is based on our experience to keep things moving as smoothly and timely as possible.

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