Do I need to bring an ID

Do I need to bring an ID

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Your ID is only necessary if you plan to pick up your pre-registration badge by showing your ID OR if you plan to attend any 18+ events. It must be a government-issued ID for all 18+ events. You do not have to show your ID in order to purchase a badge at the convention. The electronic dance is an all-ages event and does not require ID to enter. All events will require a convention badge which will be checked at all events.

We will ONLY accept Government Issued ID with picture ID such as a driver’s license, Tennesee State ID or Passport. We will NOT accept school IDs, birth certificates, or social security card. If you plan to attend any 18+ events, it is imperative that you have an ID. We will not make any exceptions if you do not have a government-issued picture ID and attempt to enter an 18+ as we check everyone’s ID upon allowing entry. An expired ID is okay as long as the birth date and photo is recent. We will not allow an underage person, even with parent or guardian permission, into an 18+ panel.

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