Weapons Policy:


1. If you're not sure if an item is allowed, please have it checked at the front while purchasing a ticket.


2. Metal weapons/props are allowed but must not have any sharp points or blades. (If you think it could stab/cut someone, leave it in your car, hotel room, or at home.)


4. Any prop gun must have an orange tip and cannot have ammo or able to shoot any projectiles. This also applies to water as ammo. (You do not have to break said weapon for the condition of this rule as long as there is no ammo present at the convention.)


5. Metal handcuffs are not allowed to hang freely from a person. No one is allowed to walk/run handcuffed to another person. This is dangerous to the person(s) with them on and the people around them. This also applies to chained collars. You are allowed to put on "cuffs" for photos but must immediately remove.


6. No play/act fighting with weapons are allowed as that could prove harmful to others. Photo poses are allowed but must not exceed photo use.


7. Leashes may only be carred by the person wearing it. In other words, someone cannot hold onto someone elses leash.







1. Con Goers must check in any prop(s) for inspection that is considered a weapon.


2. Please have your badge on at all times.


3. No SELLING allowed except for dealers and artist alley.


4. Stealing from the dealer's room or any other merchandise type table will processed to the fullest extent of the law.


5. Any guest attempting to cause harm to any other guest will be escorted out of the convention or have his/her badge confiscated.


6. Anyone found posing as staff/volunteers will be escorted out of the convention.


7. Dress Code: Person(s) found with improper dress attire will be sent for a change of outfit. *Improper dress attire is only detailed by indecent exposure." *Proper cosplay outfits that are scantily clad is not considered indecent exposure*


8. MAKE SURE TO HAVE FUN! (you might as well because we don't give refunds)