Anime Blues Winterfest Remix Carnival Extravaganza!


Are you ready for a day of fun, and games?

Come join the Anime Blues Con maids at our special carnival we will have set up in celebration of our 5th year! 


The Winterfest Remix Carnival will be located in the Exhibit Hall. In cooperation with the Anime Blues Con Maid team join them in playing some of the awesome carnival games we will have available. Best the maids at their own game and you can earn some cool prizes. Win or lose the Winterfest Remix Canival Extravaganza is sure to be a hit, and guaranteed fun for everyone! 

Considering this is a Anime Convention certain games as been modified sightly to better fit the theme. Some common Carnival games include Ball, and Bucket Toss, Balloon and Dart, Bottle Stand, Fishing, Fortune Telling, Facepainting, Ramune Ringtoss, Shooting Gallery, and more! 


All carnival games will be $1 per play with tickets being available for purchase at the Registration Desk. 



Please stay tuned for more information!