What are some tips to get my panel/event approved?

What are some tips to get my panel/event approved?

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We like proposals for panels that:

  • Directly involve anime, manga or other Japanese culture. For example, a well-planned proposal that features an anime will take priority over an equally well-planned proposal that features an outside fandom, such as American comics or movies. Having said that, we do have a certain amount of leniency, especially if the fandom is large (in other words, we’ve received a lot of proposals for it) or overlaps Anime Blues Con’s main fandoms in some way.
  • Are well-planned and have supporting materials. The proposal is our first glimpse of how you communicate and what you want to do at ABC. Make sure it’s well-written and try to include evidence that the panel will be successful. If you can’t include something in the online form (such as a picture) or a something changes after you submit, email it to Panels@animebluesremix.com (make sure to include your name and the panel name for reference).
  • Are engaging and interactive. We like lectures, too, but a proposal that introduces a creative way to communicate with the audience really catches our eyes.
  • Are more than dressing in character and showing up. You can certainly submit “in-character” panels, but we’d like to see more than, “come ask your favorite character a question” in the description. If you have support for your panel going well in the past, such as videos, we’d like to see that, too.
  • Don’t involve physicality. We know that “battle chess” and other such games are super fun, but we don’t have the room or oversight to make sure they run safely, unfortunately.
  • Aren’t speed or blind dates. You can definitely submit a proposal, but please know that we’re pretty strict with planning these sorts of events. We have to make sure that all our guests are comfortable and safe, after all. That being said, ABC is a huge gathering of people with interests just like yours – any event could be the place you meet your new best friend!
  • Panels for all audience age groups are welcome. Just make sure to let us know your panel is 18+ if it is for more adult audiences!
  • Grammar and spelling are very important if you are going to be addressing a crowd during a panel. It also helps to make a good first impression on those evaluating panel submissions.

If you have any other questions about this information or the panelist proposal form, please send an email to Panels@animebluesremix.com.

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