Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

June 12, 2021. At the Landers Center in Southaven MS.

It’s close to Memphis and we love our neighbors.

$10 per person. Children under 7 is free with a purchase of a ticket.

You have a free ticket to the con. You will line up at the PRE-REGISTRATION line. Please show an ID or a copy of your receipt so we can look you up. We only have the name of the purchaser so it’s important that you let us know who purchased the tickets.

You have the same amount of free tickets. Rolled over 3 badges? You have 3 free tickets.

Doors open at 9am. First panels start at 10am. Last panels end at 6pm. Please be out by 7pm or you may be ‘escorted’ out by Lander’s security.

Absolutely! Vendors’ room hours are 10am to 6pm.

Most or all of the vendors take both. Registration will take both as well.

No. We asked for the maximum coverage allowed per room. The final decision will be from the Landers Center. Once all the seats are taken, we will not be allowed to let anyone else in. This applies to a no-chair arrangement, vendor room, and the game room as well. Once the max cap is reached, no one else is allowed until someone leaves the room.

Yes, please wash your hands before entering. We will also provide hand sanitizer.

No, that is for the arena area in which we do not have.

Please read the other post regarding this or read them on

In order for us to go green, we will not have schedules on-site. There is another post that has the link to the schedule. It would be a good idea to save it to your phone.

Check with Registration. Anything found will be there. We also post things found a few days after the con so be sure to check in this group. You do not want to know all the crazy stuff that people leave behind.

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